Our vision contains components to reach Tifton, South Georgia, the Southeast, the rest of our country, and to the ends of the earth.  But a vision without a plan is just a dream, and so we have worked tirelessly to put together a plan of how we can deliberately accomplish what we feel that God has for us in making disciples and helping you spend your life on things that we endure!

We envision five priorities that flow from our mission statement about connecting, growing, and serving: discipleship, worship, mission/ministries, structure, and facilities.  Strategic steps will be taken to accomplish the vision of these things.  People will be drawn to New River, a church where they will find Christ, as well as other believers they can call friends. Lives of those at New River will be transformed, and in unity, the entire body will become a living, breathing representative of Christ, a representative in our community and in all parts of the world!  Christians can come and find their place of ministry at New River and flourish in their own personal walk with Christ!  New River will be an agency for sending out missionaries, both local and global