Leadership Training

What we want all who come to New River to know is that there is not a time when you arrive.  There is never a time when you stop growing, as though you have reached a christian plateau.  We want everyone to grow and minister, and continue to grow and minister.  We want everyone to share their faith and make disciples.  We are looking for people to step up and lead.  Leadership and ministry is not done by “professionals” only here.  Everyone is a minister at New River.

So, there is much variation here.  These studies could be training in missions in preparation for trips.  They could be leadership development.  They could be advanced witnessing classes on sharing your faith with a particular religion.  They also could be theological in nature.  Also, these could be extremely small, intimate groups of three to four men or women pursuing intensive discipleship in their own walk with Jesus.  They can also be advanced strategic planning by the leadership of our church for the vision and future of New River.

We want to continue to increase our impact, continue to change our world, continue to magnify our Savior, and that means continued conformity to His likeness