Jesus tells us to “go” and so New River is involved in mission work at many levels.  This is another arena in which you can find your place to make a difference in our world from Tifton to the uttermost parts of the earth.

1. Local Mission Work

  • Christian Women’s Job Corps is a ministry begun by one of our own members.  It is helping women in Tifton who need job training get what they need to begin afresh, get a job, and come to know Jesus.
  • The Mell Baptist Association is the alliance of Southern Baptist churches in our area that comes together to minister in the community doing projects such as the food pantry, financial assistance for the poverty stricken, Santa’s helpers, and other outreaches.  We help fill the food pantry on our month, and contribute every month to ministry in our community.
  • DFACS – Each month New River has volunteers that make a birthday cake for all the fostering families and the children in their care.
  • BCM – The Baptist Collegiate Ministries on ABAC’s campus ministers to students all year round.  New River cooks for their Monday night bible study periodically to show Christ to them.

2. State

  • Church Planting – New River has been involved in church planting locally and in our state.  Our strategic plan includes further work with them as we want to reach our state; and you can be involved
  • Mission Trips –

3. National

  • Church Planting – Our North American Mission Board is focusing on strategic cities that have the highest concentrations of people right now.  Also areas of our country such as New England and the Northwest are places of great need for our church planting involvement
  • Mission Trips – In 2012, we spent a week in Parsonsfield, Maine helping church planter Jason Delapp and Two Rivers Church.
  • Our church giving reflects a commitment to missions in North America as well, and our whole church is involved here.

4. International

  • The Lottie Moon Offering is a special time of giving that New River participates in every year.  It goes strictly to the work of our 5000 Southern Baptist missionaries all across the world.  New River usually prays and gives over $10,000 in this one offering each year.  The nations of the world are close to our heart.
  • Mission Trips – New River has been involved in a five year work in Peru since 2008 in conjunction with the International Mission Board and several other area churches.  We have taken 11 trips to work in the Andes mountains in the area around Jauja, Peru.  This video is one of many.  Our partnership there has recently ended, but we are looking ahead to the next place that God would have us to work.  And you are invited to make an eternal difference in the lives of men, women, children, orphans, widows, and all the nations in the world with us.  Don’t waste you life, but have it spent for the glory of Christ doing an eternal work!